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Teaching Equipment


1.Facilities are adequate, including one project discussion room, two self-access centers, one workplace scenario classroom, an interpretation classroom, one Japanese teaching classroom, three multimedia digital language classrooms, and one language Center. There are a total of four multimedia digital language classrooms and four audio-visual classrooms.
2.Teaching software and resources are plentiful, including AMC online material; Live ABC online material; TOEIC vocabulary discs; GEPT test discs; TOEIC mock-test system; learning programs of electronic commerce, briefing, ground staff, flight attendants, and communication English, etc.; online self-study platforms of English and Japanese containing digital textbooks, test banks and writing discussion area; JUST TALK online testing system; the English editing program of Correct English; the interactive learning program of ESP workplace English; the interactive learning program of Tense Buster; tourism Japanese conversation; dining Japanese; business Japanese; the Advanced Japanese material; e-generations of Japanese; mock-tests from N1 to N5 of Japanese.



 ◆ Specialized Classrooms

        Language Labs and Audio-Visual Class Rooms: 15 fully equipped digital multimedia language labs and audio-visual classrooms to provide students with the best foreign language learning environment.


 ◆ Interpretation Classroom

        completed in 2003 to become one of the best facilities in the country.
 ◆ self-Learning Center
        Make the most efficient use of the facility within limited space with self learning materials in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to promote students’ learning interests and their English skills.
 ◆ Department Office
        Department office provides excellent environment for business, meetings, or discussions. 
◆ Workplace Simulation Classroom
       Provide real-life situation for students to blend in the environments.