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Employment Information

Fields of employment by graduates from the Department of Applied Foreign Languages: 1. Chinese-English file processing, secretarial, office administrative, or assistant. 2. Management or stuff of foreign companies. 3. Translator. 4. English teacher. 5. Steward, stewardess, or travel agents. 6. International business or marketing. 7. Conventional planning, public relations, or international customer service. According to the 2007 and 2008 telephone interviews with graduates of Applied Foreign Languages, take the first and fourth annual graduates for example, out of 122 graduates (excluding military servicemen) there were 99 graduates (81%) in the employment and 14 (11%) were in the pursuit of higher education. Further analyses revealed that 33 graduates (27%) were working in the fields of secretarial or administrative positions in international companies, 28 graduates (27%) were in English teaching fields, and 40 graduates (33%) were in international business, marketing, stewardess, travel agents, hotel customer service or public relations, and exhibition or convention planning which are related to the core education of our department. The total percentage of the first and second annual graduates that were in the foreign languages related fields of employment is 83%.